Eliminate Emotional Eating. Live a Life of Freedom Around Food. 


Hi, I'm Stephenie. I can help you eliminate emotional eating and constant cravings for good, so you can live a life of freedom around food. 


Why I do this work 


I believe we all deserve to focus our energy on important goals that are not food-related rather than worrying about what we're putting in our mouths. Am I right? 

I was stuck in a constant cycle of restriction and shame about foods I didn't think I was allowed to eat for years. I felt like I had no willpower or was sabotaging myself, and I didn't know why. I just couldn't break the cycle. Until I learned how.  Now, I can help you break that cycle and end emotional eating for good. 


Why is this so hard?


It's because most approaches only focus on external factors.  I get it. You may have spent incredible amounts of financial and emotional resources on diets, Noom, personal training, and dietary plans from dieticians and nutritionists. You were motivated and stuck to it for a while, but even motivation wears out over time. Then comes guilt and feeling like you have no willpower, but believe me, will has nothing to do with it. 

You need to get past the externals to the root cause of emotional eating to make lasting change. This is my superpower. 

I know this matters to you because I know you want to:

  • End emotional eating for good.

  • Have freedom from the almost constant cravings. 

  • Make food choices without anxiety, guilt, or shame. 

  •  Enjoy life instead of worrying about food all the time. 

  • Sleep well, feel healthier, lighter and energized. 

  •  Stop making excuses for why, what, and how much you eat.

  • Set a better example for your children. 

Using my expertise as an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Coach, I'm here to help you eliminate emotional eating so you can live a life of freedom around food. 


How we can work together


The 90-day one-on-one "Simply Nourished" Program will help you eliminate chronic overeating, intense food cravings, make food choices without guilt, stress, or shame. As a result, you'll be able to stabilize and discover your optimal weight. This process is customized for you on a one-to-one basis. Uncover your inner confidence, connection, and finally, live your life of freedom around food. 


A 60-day "Healthy, Mind, Body & Spirit" Group Coaching Program was created to help eliminate emotional eating and constant food cravings in a group setting. You have additional support and accountability from the group as you practice tuning into your body, learning to manage your emotions, eat mindfully, and end the cycles of guilt and shame around food. 

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  • "I have self compassion the first time in my life and an awareness of the connection between my behaviour and feelings and how my body responds, and I have more respect and communication with my body."
    Debbie Vandennaker
    Beaverton, Ontario, Canada
  • Before working with Stephenie, I felt unhealthy and ashamed of my body and my habits around food and exercise. Now I choose movement that feels good to me rather than what I think I should be doing. I feel more empowered, like I have the choice to be healthy rather than this being something that is fixed for me.
    Hayley Stanton Truro
    United Kingdom
  • Before working with you, my body and food were the centres of my day. I couldn't focus on anything other than exercising or restricting more than I did the day before. After working with you, I feel more connected, confident, and in tune with my body. I'm kinder to myself and have been able to make new goals for the future that aren't body-related.
    Mikayla Shaw
    Lindsay, ON
  • Stephenie really helped with being able to connect to my emotions again in order to release things from my past that were no longer serving me. She is very compassionate and made me feel very comfortable and safe to express myself!
    Michelle Kirk
    Port Huron, Michigan, USA