About Stephenie 

It's not what you're eating.  

It's what's eating you. 


Hi, I'm Stephenie. I help women eliminate emotional eating and constant cravings for good so they can live a life of freedom around food.


I'm trauma-informed, Certified in Intuitive Eating, Coaching and Energy Techniques. So yeah, that's a lot to take in. I'll tell you about my story and break that down a bit. 


Stephenie Farrell

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            Stephenie Farrell

Trauma-informed. This doesn’t mean I’ve read about trauma. It means I’ve experienced trauma. For example, I was severely bullied, teased, and humiliated by classmates because I was bigger than they were. I spent most of my life enduring criticism from my well-meaning mother. When I was thirteen, she said, “You’d be so pretty if you just lost weight.” How confusing is that to a thirteen-year-old girl? 

As an adult, I spent too many years losing myself in relationships with self-absorbed men who could not truly love me because of their own trauma. So naturally, this brought up my belief of “not being good enough.”  All I wanted was to heal and learn to take care of my body, mind, and spirit because felt like my life had been on pause since my first diet. That is when I decided negative thoughts about my body would never hold me back again.


Intuitive Eating. Eating should be an intuitive process focused on how we feel and what our body needs. But, unfortunately, it often becomes an unconscious, emotional, and often disconnected experience. Intuitive Eating allows you to rediscover the pleasure from nourishing and reconnecting with your body.


Body Confidence.  We need to learn to trust our body to tell us when we've had enough food and know what foods make us feel good.  Breaking free from emotional eating means learning to trust our body's signals again.  


Energy Techniques.  Using scientifically validated Energy Techniques, I help you release negative emotions, change limiting beliefs and address physical concerns.  This goes deeper than regular talk therapy and gives you faster, long-lasting results.  Yoga & breath-work is powerful, so I include them in my programs.  Yoga was the catalyst that's helped me reclaim my life, release trauma, and build my resiliency. 


Credentials. I’ve walked the path of recovery, and I’m uniquely equipped to help you heal your relationship with food and your body. AND, I’ve got the training to back it up.  This is oh-so-familiar territory for myself and the amazing women I’ve helped.   


So if you’re ready to nourish yourself with what you really need instead of punishing your body, I’m your girl. 


Starting today! 

  • "I have self compassion the first time in my life and an awareness of the connection between my behaviour and feelings and how my body responds, and I have more respect and communication with my body."
    Debbie Vandennaker
    Beaverton, Ontario, Canada
  • Before working with Stephenie, I felt unhealthy and ashamed of my body and my habits around food and exercise. Now I choose movement that feels good to me rather than what I think I should be doing. I feel more empowered, like I have the choice to be healthy rather than this being something that is fixed for me.
    Hayley Stanton Truro
    United Kingdom
  • Before working with you, my body and food were the centres of my day. I couldn't focus on anything other than exercising or restricting more than I did the day before. After working with you, I feel more connected, confident, and in tune with my body. I'm kinder to myself and have been able to make new goals for the future that aren't body-related.
    Mikayla Shaw
    Lindsay, ON
  • Stephenie really helped with being able to connect to my emotions again in order to release things from my past that were no longer serving me. She is very compassionate and made me feel very comfortable and safe to express myself!
    Michelle Kirk
    Port Huron, Michigan, USA